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Commissions and discounts

Transparent replacement costs, discount system and favorable Points Program.

The only cost is the commission – 0.2% of the exchange value

The only cost of currency exchange in Walutomat is the commission charged for a completed exchange order in the amount between 0.06% and 0.2% of the exchange value. The commission is calculated after the exchange order has been completed and automatically deducted from the amount obtained after the exchange. The commission amount is rounded to the nearest 0.01 of the currency unit. We do not charge the commission if no funds have been exchanged in an order.

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Other ways to reduce your commission:

  • you are a holder of the KDR card (Karta Dużej Rodziny)
  • special actions
  • automatic discounts after crossing discount thresholds
  • individual negotiations
The only cost is the commission - 0.2% of the exchange value

How not to pay commission?

Collect points in the Points Program and exchange them for commission-free transactions!

Points Program - collect points for commission-free currency exchange

Thanks to the points, you will be able to exchange currencies without charging a commission, i.e. the exchange will take place at the best exchange rate offered by Walutomat.

For example: for 1 point you will be able to exchange 1 EUR/USD/CHF/GBP without charging our commission. We invite all our customers to join our Points Program!


How does the Points Program work?

Let's assume you need to buy EUR 1000 and the selling rate of this currency is PLN 4,5.

No points

In a standard situation (when you do not have points on your Walutomat account), your currency exchange will include a service commission of 0,2% of the exchange amount. Therefore, for a purchase of EUR 1000 you will pay PLN 4509. Of this amount, PLN 9 is Walutomat's commission (0,2% from PLN 4500).

With points

Alternatively, if you had accumulated 1000 points in the Points Program, your exchange would be commission-free! At the best rate offered by Walutomat. You would pay PLN 4500. You would gain PLN 9 compared to a standard exchange!

bag of money

What can I get points for?

For an effective recommendation of Walutomat

You will receive + 1000 points for the first Effective Referral in a given month - the person registered an account and exchanged currency in Walutomat.

You will receive + 100 points for another Effective Referral in the same calendar month.

For each (first and subsequent) transaction of a friend as part of linking profiles with a referral

+ 1 point for every 10 EUR/USD/CHF/GBP or 50 PLN or 100 CZK/DKK/NOK/SEK exchanged by the person you recommended. You profit from every transaction of your friend without any time limits!

For using the recommendation

+ 1000 points - this is what you will receive if you invite your friend (who is already our client) and register a profile in Walutomat using the link you received from him. Your profiles will be linked in this way.

For participating in special actions

We reward our customers with points for various activities, e.g. participation in competitions and promotions organized on social media. Stay up to date with news about our office. Follow us on Facebook.

What do Points give?

1 point means you can exchange foreign currency without commission, according to the table below:

The target currency being traded

How many currency units can you exchange without commission for 1 point?

EUR, USD, CHF and GBP 1 currency unit
PLN 5 currency units
CZK, NOK, SEK, DKK 10 currency units

How many points can I earn in one month?

900 points

Additional bonus for the first Effective Referral in a given month.

100 points

Each Effective Referral (registration and currency exchange of a friend).

1 point

For each exchanged 10 currency units of EUR, USD, CHF, GBP or 50 units of PLN or 100 units of CZK, DKK, NOK, SEK in transactions of the recommended person.


You recommended Walutomat to your 3 friends this month: Joanna, Jacek and Tadeusz:

Joanna exchanged EUR 1200

You get:

  • 100 points for her Effective Referral
  • 900 points because this is your first Effective Referral this month
  • 120 points for the value of Joanna's Transaction (1 point for every EUR 10)

Total: 1120 points!

Jacek exchanged USD 5200

You get:

  • 100 points for an Effective Referral, another one this month
  • 520 points for exchange

Total: 620 points

Tadeusz exchanged CHF 870

You get:

  • 100 points for an Effective Referral, another one this month
  • 87 points points for exchange

Total: 187 points

At the end of the month, your Points balance is 1927 points!

Thanks to this, you can purchase e.g. EUR 1927 without commission (assuming the exchange rate is PLN 4,5)

Exchange with commission: EUR 1927 x PLN 4,5 + commission = PLN 8671,5 + (0,2% PLN 8671,5) = PLN 8671,5 + PLN 17,343 = PLN 8688,84
Commission-free exchange: EUR 1927 x PLN 4,5 = PLN 8671,5
Difference = commission = PLN 17,343

With the points you saved over PLN 17!

How to start recommending Walutomat?

  1. Log in to Walutomat.
  2. Go to the "Points and discounts" tab.
  3. Accept the Points Program Regulations.
  4. Recommend Walutomat using the link found in this tab. You can send it by e-mail, text message, chat, post it on your blog or recommend it to your friends on social media.
bag of money Log in and earn points

Discount table

The discount applies from the moment of reaching a given turnover until the end of the next month. Lower commission is charged starting from the transaction which crossed the discount threshold.

PLN turnover Commission Discount
up to 200,000 0,2% 0%
over 200,000 up to 1 million 0,15% 25%
over 1 million up to 3 million 0,1% 50%
over 3 million up to 10 million 0,08% 60%
over 10 million 0,06% 70%

The KDR card (Karta Dużej Rodziny) in Walutomat

Karta dużej rodziny

Walutomat has joined the group of Polish companies that support large families and grant discounts to the KDR card holders. This means for them, inter alia, cheaper installments of a housing loan in foreign currency or more affordable holiday trips.

How to use the KDR card at Walutomat.pl?

Check in the Informator

Discounts for KDR card owners

Discount 25%

25% discount on the commission on the site. The standard commission in Walutomat is 0.2% of the transaction value, with the KDR card the commission is 0.15%.

Available currencies

Applies to the purchase and sale of Euro (EUR), US dollars (USD), British pounds (GBP), Swiss francs (CHF), Norwegian kroner (NOK), Swedish kronas (SEK), Czech korunas (CZK), Danish crowns (DKK).


If you are the holder of the KDR card, you can count on further savings on currency exchange. The discount is granted on a permanent basis and will be valid for the entire period of validity of the card.