Commissions and discounts

Transparent exchange costs and attractive discount system.

The only cost is the commission – 0.2% of the exchange value

The only cost of currency exchange in Walutomat is the commission charged for a completed exchange order in the amount between 0.06% and 0.2% of the exchange value. The commission is calculated after the exchange order has been completed and automatically deducted from the amount obtained after the exchange. The commission amount is rounded to the nearest 0.01 of the currency unit. We do not charge the commission if no funds have been exchanged in an order.

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Discount table

The discount applies from the moment of reaching a given turnover until the end of the next month. Lower commission is charged starting from the transaction which crossed the discount threshold.

PLN turnover



up to 200,000



over 200,000 up to 1 million



over 1 million up to 3 million



over 3 million up to 10 million



over 10 million



The KDR card (Karta Dużej Rodziny) in Walutomat

Karta dużej rodziny

Walutomat has joined the group of Polish companies that support large families and grant discounts to the KDR card holders. This means for them, inter alia, cheaper installments of a housing loan in foreign currency or more affordable holiday trips.

How to use the KDR card at
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Karta dużej rodziny

Discounts for KDR card owners

Discount 25%

25% discount on the commission on the site. The standard commission in Walutomat is 0.2% of the transaction value, with the KDR card the commission is 0.15%.

Available currencies

Applies to the purchase and sale of Euro (EUR), US dollars (USD), British pounds (GBP), Swiss francs (CHF), Norwegian kroner (NOK), Swedish kroner (SEK), Czech crowns (CZK), Danish kroner (DKK).


If you are the holder of the KDR card, you can count on further savings on currency exchange. The discount is granted on a permanent basis and will be valid for the entire period of validity of the card.