Pairs with PLN

Currency pairSale ratePurchase rateAverage worldwide exchange rate
EUR / PLN4,4890 PLN4,4887 PLN4,4918 PLN
USD / PLN3,8190 PLN3,8169 PLN3,8163 PLN
CHF / PLN4,1784 PLN4,1716 PLN4,1740 PLN
GBP / PLN4,8998 PLN4,8955 PLN4,8953 PLN

Other currency pairs

Currency pairSale ratePurchase rateAverage worldwide exchange rate
EUR / USD1,1783 USD1,1760 USD1,1770 USD
EUR / GBP0,9189 GBP0,9145 GBP0,9176 GBP
EUR / CHF1,0784 CHF1,0724 CHF1,0761 CHF
GBP / USD1,2842 USD1,2824 USD1,2827 USD
USD / CHF0,9139 CHF0,9125 CHF0,9143 CHF
GBP / CHF1,1741 CHF1,1710 CHF1,1728 CHF

Exchange rates and online exchange in Walutomat

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