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million PLN
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over the past 10 days

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thousand of clients

About 115

thousand transactions monthly

More than 50

billion PLN turnover
since 2009, when the service started

Walutomat is a perfect tool for:

  • Business
  • Mortgage holders
  • People making money abroad
  • Travellers

Walutomat is convenient and safe


  • Operating since 2009
  • We are part of Currency One, the largest online currency exchange company in Poland
  • We are licensed to provide payment services by KNF (Polish Financial Supervision Authority)
  • Over 100 people use their best efforts to ensure the highest quality of our services

Convenience and availability

  • We operate every day, all year round.
  • SMS and email notifications


  • Safety procedures same as in a bank
  • Every transaction is supervised by our experts
  • SSL certificate and top-notch technical infrastructure
  • Your money is stored on separate accounts, that are safe even in case of bankruptcy

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Walutomat in opineo, wiarygodna firma

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