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Favourable currency exchange with quick and cheap international transfers

Solution tailored to your business needs

Better exchange rate than in your bank
Quick and cheap international transfers
Convenient access to funds – 24/7 exchange

Why is it worth it?

Walutomat is the longest running currency exchange platform in Poland. We have been trusted by 275,000 customers

99% positive reviews on Opineo
Small and big amounts
In Walutomat, we handle exchanges counted in millions of zloty each day

No matter if you are exchanging a thousand or a million, we will always process your transaction securely and fast
We have the National Payment Institution licence granted by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

The service is operated by a Polish company – Currency One, which is one of the leading currency exchange companies in Poland
One of the fastest transfer systems in the country – according to theForbes ranking

93% of transaction are completed within less than 30 minutes
Control over exchange rates – option to exchange automatically or at a selected exchange rate

Currency wallet that allows you to make exchanges without a currency bank account

Convenient access to funds – 24/7 exchange, and withdrawals 7 daysa week between 8 am and 11 pm
Low cost
Better exchange rates than in banks and exchange offices, even by 8%

Low commission, no more than 0.2%

nternational transfers at competitive prices, from 0 PLN. OUR always PLN 80

Free PLN transfers in Poland (with some restrictions)
Join thousands of business clients who trusted the Walutomat brand
Business advisor
Any questions? Contact our business customers’ advisor
Dariusz Far +48 61 415 26 66
Available between 9:00 am and 4:30 pm

Exchange and immediately transfer abroad

  • allows you not only to exchange money at attractive rates but also to make fast transfers to recipients in Poland and abroad
  • Transfers to over 30 countries
  • The international transfer price list is clear and transparent, and the transfer costs depend on the exchanged and sent amount
  • Accelerated transfers (e.g. TODAY) cheaper than in a bank
  • OUR transfers –always PLN 80