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Swiss franc is the official currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. For years, franc was one of the most stable currencies. In Poland, the Swiss franc exchange rate is closely followed by persons with a mortgage credit in this currency.

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4,1274179,53 CHF2021-04-20 12:50
4,12771 282,11 CHF2021-04-20 13:13
4,1280297,02 CHF2021-04-20 13:10
4,1283298,52 CHF2021-04-20 13:05
4,1289291,57 CHF2021-04-20 12:45
4,1295299,92 CHF2021-04-20 13:04
4,1304294,68 CHF2021-04-20 12:29
4,1307296,74 CHF2021-04-20 12:28
4,1310835,00 CHF2021-04-20 11:59
4,1313883,27 CHF2021-04-20 11:28
4,1314290,61 CHF2021-04-20 12:00
4,1316295,65 CHF2021-04-20 11:38
4,1317295,30 CHF2021-04-20 11:24
4,1319879,23 CHF2021-04-20 11:27
4,1320590,50 CHF2021-04-20 11:58
4,1321587,35 CHF2021-04-20 11:26
4,1322299,17 CHF2021-04-20 12:23
4,1323877,52 CHF2021-04-20 13:13
4,1326299,34 CHF2021-04-20 09:14
4,1338298,63 CHF2021-04-20 13:12
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4,12512 824,84 PLN2021-04-20 10:32
4,125016 205,77 PLN2021-04-19 07:32
4,12465 166,90 PLN2021-04-19 09:51
4,124530 000,00 PLN2021-04-19 12:47
4,12381 003,11 PLN2021-04-20 06:41
4,1237289,24 PLN2021-04-20 12:36
4,123510,00 PLN2021-04-20 08:47
4,1231413,14 PLN2021-04-20 12:04
4,12301 000,00 PLN2021-04-19 19:40
4,1225200,00 PLN2021-04-19 17:08
4,12231 000,00 PLN2021-04-19 19:42
4,12211 280,42 PLN2021-04-19 08:42
4,121210,65 PLN2021-04-20 13:12
4,12119 851,16 PLN2021-04-20 13:13
4,121010,65 PLN2021-04-20 13:12
4,12072 500,00 PLN2021-04-20 08:22
4,12031 000,00 PLN2021-04-19 19:41
4,12022 318,16 PLN2021-04-19 12:44
4,12019 000,00 PLN2021-04-19 12:28
4,120061 162,50 PLN2021-04-19 06:26
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2021-04-20 13:124,1273363,43 CHF
2021-04-20 13:084,1274116,00 CHF
2021-04-20 13:084,1273271,66 CHF
2021-04-20 13:054,127321,34 CHF
2021-04-20 13:054,1271293,77 CHF
2021-04-20 13:054,1264290,69 CHF
2021-04-20 12:494,1277737,97 CHF
2021-04-20 12:484,127580,12 CHF
2021-04-20 12:464,1276629,90 CHF
2021-04-20 12:394,130396,23 CHF

Total sum of exchanges in the last 10 days

DayTotal sum of concluded transactions
2021-04-20124 546,01 CHF
2021-04-19213 268,19 CHF
2021-04-1851 341,26 CHF
2021-04-1732 826,53 CHF
2021-04-16162 988,42 CHF
2021-04-15250 151,61 CHF
2021-04-14594 157,86 CHF
2021-04-13226 794,86 CHF
2021-04-12385 179,16 CHF
2021-04-1170 185,64 CHF

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Swiss franc – currency history

If you said to someone „safe as a Swiss bank” in the 18th century, they surely would not know what you mean. The development of banking in Switzerland started only in the 19th century – this is also when the history of the Swiss franc begins.

Until the mid-nineteenth century, each canton, municipality, and even monastery in Switzerland could mint its own coin. The Swiss Federal Constitution was created only in 1848, according to which only the Federal Government had the right to mint coins, i.e. francs.

In 1865, Switzerland, France, Belgium and Italy formed the Latin Monetary Union – a treaty under which the currencies of each of the countries had a stable 1:1 exchange rate and could be freely used across the Union. This arrangement was in force until 1926, and only after the dissolution of the Union, Swiss franc became the only legal tender in Switzerland.

For many years, Swiss franc was exchangeable for gold – this dependency was finally abolished by the Swiss National Bank only in 2000, after a referendum.

Swiss franc – information about the currency

Swiss franc is the official currency of Switzerland and Liechtenstein. For years, franc was one of the most stable currencies. The franc became significantly stronger in 2008, when the Euro zone was in crisis.

Franc coins (1/2 franc, 1 and 2 francs) bear a female figure – Helvetia, who is considered to be the symbol of Switzerland. Coins of lower denominations (centimes) show Libertas – the Roman goddess of freedom.

Francs in the form of banknotes have microprints and metal threads on their reverse side to secure them against forgery. On the averse, there are well-known cultural and scientific figures, such as the architect Le Corbusier or art historian Jakub Burckhardt.

Currently, in the years 2016-2019, the Swiss Bank is introducing new francs, designed by Manuela Pfrunder. The banknotes are to include additional protections to better secure them against counterfeiters.

Franc at the right price

Franc, thanks to rigorous financial policy, used to be the currency of choice for many borrowers. During the financial crisis, the minimal exchange rate of euro to Swiss franc was abandoned. Right now, franc’s exchange rate and its fluctuations are of key importance to people who took credits in CHF. Walutomat allows you to check and compare the average franc exchange rate and choose the best offer from other customers of the service. Our currency exchange market is simple and easy. You can check the current exchange rate of the franc at the top of the page. There is information about the average rate and a list of offers. If you are not sure whether to exchange it now, check the CHF exchange rate charts. Walutomat provides you with information and means to exchange Swiss francs at favourable rates.