How does it work

We are the largest, non-bank currency exchange market in Europe. Our users decide on the exchange rates.

Step 01

Choose the exchange type

Transfer exchange

Exchange money by transfer made in e-banking of your bank. You will receive the exchanged amount by return transfer to your second account right away.

Try it when you want to exchange money quickly and receive the exchanged amount to your bank account.

Exchange from the Wallet

The Wallet is your online money box in Walutomat, which allows you to deposit and withdraw funds. You can exchange funds right away, without waiting for a transfer. After the exchange, you can order the transfer of funds to your account at any time.

Try it when you have funds in your Wallet and want to make more than one exchange.

Step 02

Set the exchange rate

What are the differences between rate options?

Fast exchange

Best current rate

Exchange for advanced users

Own rate

Who sets the exchange rate?

We automatically choose for you

You set the rate - more

How is the exchange rate set?

Based on best current offers from other users

You set it by yourself but it is worth to compare it with other users’ rates and quotations

When concluded?


When another user agrees to exchange currency at a rate you have proposed

And done! After making the order, we will keep you informed about the next stages of the transaction by text and e-mail, and the funds will be sent to you automatically.

To make an exchange you need two bank accounts (in different currencies)


You exchange currency for currency, e.g. you deposit PLN to buy EUR.
To avoid being charged by your bank for the currency conversion, you need:

  • an account in the currency which you deposit – in this case PLN
  • an account in the currency which you want to withdraw – in this case EUR
Learn how to open a currency account

Walutomat is created by the offers of our users

Walutomat is based on currency exchanges made between the users. It's simple and secure. You create your offer and our system automatically makes the trade when it has matched your offer with an offer of another user.

How does exchange in Walutomat differ from bank transactions?



Stationary exchange office

How does it earn?

Commission on exchange - see

Spread (difference between the purchase and sell rate)

Most often on the spread

How much does it earn?

0,06% - 0,2%

1,5 - 6%

1,5 - 10%

What does the rate depend on?

On available user offers

On NBP rate and on commission

On NBP rate and on commission

Where do you exchange?

Exchange online

Exchange online or at a bank branch

Exchange at an exchange office