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The official currency of Norway is the Norwegian krone, which is denoted by the international abbreviation NOK. The Norwegian currency is divided similarly to other Scandinavian monetary units, i.e. 1 NOK consists of 100 øre. Many Poles choose Norway as a country of economic emigration, which makes us the largest national minority in the Fjord country - which is why the NOK currency pair is so popular and easily accessible. The Norwegian krone is also valid on Svalbard and Bouvet Island, Peter I Island and Queen Maud Land.

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0,415587 979,18 NOK2023-03-28 12:36
0,415615 000,00 NOK2023-03-27 19:12
0,416019 000,00 NOK2023-03-28 10:23
0,4165200 000,00 NOK2023-03-28 12:53
0,418752 947,82 NOK2023-03-28 03:30
0,419911 697,84 NOK2023-03-28 06:54
0,42004 500,00 NOK2023-03-27 16:55
0,4208200 000,00 NOK2023-03-28 10:53
0,42093 000,00 NOK2023-03-28 07:19
0,42364 215,63 NOK2023-03-23 04:46
0,42454 969,41 NOK2023-03-28 06:35
0,424689 286,79 NOK2023-03-27 10:19
0,4247265 813,04 NOK2023-03-27 07:46
0,42483 000,00 NOK2023-03-28 07:19
0,42497 258,91 NOK2023-03-20 09:45
0,425020 000,00 NOK2023-03-16 14:03
0,425410 000,00 NOK2023-03-22 19:56
0,42592 405,97 NOK2023-03-14 15:41
0,42601 506,84 NOK2023-03-26 17:32
0,426510 000,00 NOK2023-03-22 19:57
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0,4114158 359,05 PLN2023-03-28 12:53
0,411382 260,00 PLN2023-03-28 12:53
0,41072 139,22 PLN2023-03-24 11:32
0,408310,00 PLN2023-03-22 12:39
0,4082409,02 PLN2023-03-15 12:07
0,4080500,00 PLN2023-03-10 16:42
0,4075204,16 PLN2023-03-26 09:46
0,4050405,81 PLN2023-03-15 12:07
0,40105 915,17 PLN2023-03-21 16:56
0,40005 829,64 PLN2022-11-22 18:22
0,380010,00 PLN2023-03-18 16:18
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1970-01-01 00:000,412010 000,00 NOK
1970-01-01 00:000,413010 000,00 NOK
1970-01-01 00:000,412540 000,00 NOK
1970-01-01 00:000,412520 000,00 NOK
1970-01-01 00:000,41236 500,00 NOK
1970-01-01 00:000,41234 875,17 NOK
1970-01-01 00:000,4131417,11 NOK
1970-01-01 00:000,41401 207,72 NOK
1970-01-01 00:000,414010 000,00 NOK
1970-01-01 00:000,41391 707,21 NOK

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2023-03-2880 000,00 NOK
2023-03-27116 865,91 NOK
2023-03-260,00 NOK
2023-03-251 201,92 NOK
2023-03-2444 957,00 NOK
2023-03-23851 427,41 NOK
2023-03-22944 009,13 NOK
2023-03-21662 397,04 NOK
2023-03-20176 968,08 NOK
2023-03-197 720,00 NOK

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Norwegian krone – history of the currency

The NOK became the official unit of currency in Norway in 1875 with the accession to the Scandinavian Monetary Union, of which Denmark and Sweden were also members. The name of each country’s currency refers to the symbol of the monarchy, i.e. the crown. Joining the union forced Norway to give up its previous currency Speciedaler. The monetary union did not last and broke up after World War I. For some time the exchange rate of Norwegian krone with gold was restored, but due to growing inflation authorities had to give up this idea. However, this was only the beginning of dynamic changes in tying the Norwegian krone with other currencies or with gold. And so in the following years the NOK rate was pegged to the British pound (1926), but just 2 years later it returned to gold. Interestingly, this was not the end of the rollercoaster in which Norway’s currency was dependent on another – 1933 was the year when it was again pegged to GBP, and another 6 years later the Norwegian krone exchange rate was pegged to USD. World War II was another turbulent period for Norway, the subsequent pegging of NOK to the German mark and the evacuation of the central bank outside the country made the currency in Norway constantly undergo dynamic changes.

In the 1990s, Norway rejected a proposal to join the European Union, but through membership in EFTA and the EEA, the country actively cooperates with the community. Thus, the Norwegian krone has not been, and will not be, replaced by the common currency euro.

Norwegian krone – information about the currency

Currently, the Norwegian krone has both banknotes and coins in circulation. However, the hundredths, or øre (1 Norwegian krone) were withdrawn in 2012. Norges Bank decided to do so, because minting coins of the lowest denominations is simply not profitable and generates too high costs. When in Norway, you will encounter coins of 1, 5, 10 and 20 Norwegian kroner. The lowest functioning denominations have a hole in the middle and a decorative Nordic ornament, and NOK 20 has a Viking drakkar. The Norwegian krone banknotes have been given a new design in recent years. In the new NOK series, images of well-known characters have been replaced by images associated with the sea. The 50 NOK banknote depicts a lighthouse, the 100 NOK banknote the ship Gokstad on the obverse and a container ship with the constellation Orion. Looking at the 200 Norwegian kroner, you will see a cod and a fishing boat, while the 500 NOK banknote illustrates a salvage ship and an oil platform on the reverse. The top banknote of 1000 Norwegian kroner shows a rough sea and a horizon. The old NOK banknotes were finally withdrawn from circulation in November 2020.

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The current Norwegian krone exchange rate is of interest to expats who are keen to choose Norway as a temporary or permanent work country. The Norwegian krone is one of the newest currencies in our service. The price of the Norwegian krone can change dynamically under the influence of commodity prices. On this page we present charts with Norwegian krone prices and current offers to buy and sell NOK. If you want to buy the currency, check our site how much does the Norwegian krone cost – charts are updated every few minutes. Exchange NOK for PLN only at favourable prices.