Cash payout

Withdraw euro in cash in one of the Bank Millennium branches all over Poland

Over 380 euro collection points all over Poland

Why is it worth it?

You don’t need a currency account in EUR

Example: you can exchange PLN to EUR in Walutomat without a currency account.

You will receive cash at a rate better than in stationary exchange offices

How to withdraw cash?

Step 1:
Deposit in the virtual Wallet
Deposit money in Walutomat’s account to your virtual “Currency Wallet”
Step 2:
Exchange in the Wallet
Using the “Exchange in the Wallet” option, exchange the deposited money to EUR
Step 3:
Withdrawal from the Wallet
When withdrawing EUR from the Wallet, select the cash collection option
Step 4:
Cash receipt
Go to your chosen bank branch and collect the cash
How much does it cost?
How much cash can I withdraw at one time?
How does the cash collection process look like?
When can I collect the cash?